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Wire splicing machine WPM-TDJ04
Wire splicing machine WPM-TDJ04
  • Wire Splicing Machine WPM-TDJ04

  • Item No : WPM-TDJ04

  •  Wire Splicing Machine,
    Dimesion  340×370×410(MM)
    Weight:    55KG
    Ram Travel:23MM
    Range Copper Strip Width:2MM/4MM/6MM
    Nominal Pressure:10KN
    Production Efficiency    200Pcs/MIN
    Power:    AC220V 50HZ/180W

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Detailed description
Wire splicing machine, copper strips machine WPM-TDJ04
Available coverage:
A. connecting of wire and neon light
B. connecting the LED resistance
C. connecting of switch and lead
D. connecting the head of the transformers
E. connecting of resistance and the wire
F. connecting the constant-temperature fuse.
This machine is a new type of connecting equipment, that adopts packaging connecting to replace the normal solder connecting or hand riveting, which will be more convenient and dependable, also it doesn’t have the disadvantages of air pollution that cool welding and air welding brings, to pass the UL, JIS security tests.
It is used for successive copper terminals, cutting, forming, and pressing at the same time. High efficiency, low cost, and no waste.
After connecting, the riveting capability of the copper terminal is stable and firm.
It is also equipped with a straight and curl mold set for connecting different products.

Dimension: 340×370×410(MM)
Weight:    55KG
Ram Travel:23MM
Range copper strip width:2MM/4MM/6MM
Nominal pressure:10KN
Production efficiency    200Pcs/MIN
Power:    AC220V 50HZ/180W

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