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Handheld wire tape wrapping machine AT-101L
Handheld wire tape wrapping machine AT-101L
  • Handheld Wire Tape Wrapping Machine AT-101L

  • Item No : AT-101L

  • Handheld Wire Tape Wrapping Machine,  AT-101L This Machine Is Small And Flexible. The Weight Of The Machine Is Only 1.95kg, And The Machine Has A Hooked Rope, Which Can Be Hung In The Air To Share And Bear Part Of The Weight, And The Open Design Can Start Wrapping From Any Position Of The Wire Harness
    The Inner Hole Is 37mm32mm76mm
    Width 3-52mm
    Power Supply AC220V 50/60HZ
    Size 140*170*380mm
    Weight 1.95KG With Table Bottom Holds 5 Kg
    Battery Continuous Use Time 5 Hours

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Detailed description

AT-101L This machine is small and flexible. The weight of the machine is only 1.95kg, and the machine has a hooked rope, which can be hung in the air to share and bear part of the weight, and the open design can start wrapping from any position of the wire harness, and it's easy to skip the branches, it is suitable for tape wrapping of wire harnesses with branches, Often used for wire harness assembly board to assemble wire harness.

1. Can work with many kinds of material tapes
2. Lightweight, easy to move and not easy to feel tired, high efficiency
3. Simple operation, operators only need simple exercises
4. Easily adjust the distance of the tape and overlap, reducing the waste of tape
5. After cutting the tape, the tool automatically jumps to the next position for the next preparation, no additional process
6. The finished products have appropriate tension and no wrinkle




Available Wire diameter



Tape Width

10-25mm(Other can customized )

10-25mm ((Other can customized )

Tape Roll OD

Max Φ110mm (customized)

Max Φ110mm(Other can customized )

Wrapping Speed

Manual control

Manual control

Power Supply











Model Hot selling Charging wireless handheld cable taping high-quality machine rotary winding machine wire harness tape wrapping machine

Wire diameter 3-52mm

Principle two usage, one is to utilize alone after charging, with no need to attach the power cord, can also add balance hangers to decrease employees'

labor intensity; the other is to include a desktop fixed base, introduced.

Adhesive tape Velvet cloth, acid gum cloth, electrician glue cloth

The inner hole is 37mm32mm76mm

 Winding diameter 3-52mm

Power Supply AC220V 50/60HZ

Size 140*170*380mm

Weight 1.95KG With Table bottom holds 5 kg

Battery continuous use time 5 hours

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